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Club member information, guidance, rules, etc

Field Maintenance

Mowing Schedule

  • Each club member should assist by mowing 2-3 times each summer.
  • Schedule yourself ahead on the mowing schedule below.
  • Mowing instructions included in spreadsheet below.
  • Update Mowing Schedule HERE
For additional information about the maintenance schedule, please contact our Maintenance Coordinator

Field Safety

Club Meeting Minutes

December 2016
January 2017
October 2017

If you would like to have additional information regarding the club or it's activities, please send an e-mail, with you specific request to:

Flight Instruction

  • Flight Instruction is offered FREE of charge to all current members
  • All Flight Instruction should be coordinated with the training coordinator
  • No person shall operate a remote controlled model unless they are a qualified pilot or assisted by a qualified pilot
  • Training of a new pilot will be announced to all before such training begins
  • A pilot will be deemed qualified when they demonstrate three controlled take-offs and landings
  • For more information about our Flight Instruction program, click here.

Membership Apply/Renew

Don't forget to renew your 2017 Memberships


Take a few moments to review the Club By-laws

Special 75th Anniversary edition of FMAC Club Newsletter

Special 75th Anniversary edition of FMAC Club Newsletter now available

Unless your running a flight sim ...... go flying!

Enjoy and fly safe!