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AMA Club #331

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Current Club Announcements

  • Please note change******
    The Nov 2016 FMAC Club meeting is scheduled for Saturday Nov 5 starting 12:00 PM at Warner Field(Club Airfield)during the Fun Fly.

  • The Fall Fly and Fry is scheduled for Nov 5 starting at 9AM. The deep fried Turkey will be available around noon.
    BYOD and an item or desert to share. Backup date is Nov 12.
    Bring some planes and fly or just come for good conversation and memories.

  • Several people have used the FAA B4UFLY App that reports Warner field is within the 5 mile radius of Frederick Airport. We have confirmed with the tower manager that the app is wrong. We are 5.3 miles from the Geomarker for FDK and DO NOT need to notify the tower when we are flying. We will post this information at the field, on our website, and on facebook. Please remember to give way to any full scale planes in the area (see and avoid) and have fun.

  • The mowing schedule has been updated with recommended mowing dates for 2016. If you have time and want to mow, sign up! Its a labor of love, and if everyone does it once or twice a year, we easily cover the entire season. Let us know if the gas is low. Mowing instructions are included in the signup sheet located HERE . If you're unsure of the mower, contact Brad and we'll show you the ropes.

  • Frederick Model Aircraft Club(FMAC) members Brad Davy(Club President), Ron Grimm(Club VP), Dwight Warfield and Fernando Hernandez provide instruction, flight assistance and demo's to the local Boy Scouts of Frederick County at Camp Airy 2016 held in Thurmont, Md since 1958. The FMAC Club has been a long time supporter of local Cub and Boy Scout programs. FMAC assists the Boy Scouts at Camp Airy in obtaining their Aviation Badge.

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  • Field Status

    If it's not posted, we're flying! Enjoy and fly safe!

FMAC celebrates 76th Anniversary

76th Anniversary

Spectators and Guest Flyers
are always welcome to our Field!

Guest Flyers


  • All non-AMA members must remain out of the flight line and pit areas at all times

Membership Apply/Renew

  • Ability to fly at thousands of AMA chartered club sites
  • Personal liability insurance
  • Safe flying zone
  • And more.....

Need Directions to the Field

Just 4 miles West of Frederick

Joshua Orchard's scratch build foam
Sikorsky S-39

Club Flight Permit for AMA members affected by the FAA SFRA

For 2016 only, Frederick Model Aircraft Club will allow members of clubs within the 30 Nautical Mile Special Flight Rules Area around Reagan National Airport to fly at Warner Field under one of three conditions:

  1. They may follow the normal club guest policy, including having a current club member present
  2. They may join FMAC as full members
  3. Or, They may purchase a club flight permit for $40

To purchase the club flight permit, they must prove current membership in a club that has been shut down by the FAA, must have a current AMA membership, and receive an initial flight safety briefing from a current FMAC Club Member. Proof of club membership may be by providing a copy of a current membership card or verification by their club membership secretary to To apply for a Club Flight Permit, follow the Membership Apply/Renew process.

Flyers should have their flight permit visible when flying at Warner Field, either on their person or transmitter.

The purpose of this organization is to promote the building and safe operation of model aircraft and to promote acceptance and good will toward this sport/hobby through educational involvement in the community.